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Money sinks and too much stuff syndrome
karen gillen by satinpetticoats
I am very back and forth as of late on purchasing thing. With the bankruptcy filed and my sales improving I am all about consumerism. I want, I want, I want.

I want a tv. I have a tv, but it's got this really annoying humming noise it makes so I can't stand to actually have it on. Therefore I don't use it.  Instead I use the Macbook for everything which is probably better for tv and dvd quality anyway. I want a tv so I can buy a gaming system. The reason I hold back is because of the huge money sink this would be. A tv means I am tempted to get a $40 a month cable package. If not that, I invest in a $250 gaming system like a PS3. Then I need controllers. Then I need games. Those games have nifty downloadable content and accessories. Then those games have sequels and updates. Then a whole NEW gaming system comes out. The money spent is endless and far too expensive. The time and space required to get and store all of that stuff is too much.

I'm itching for kitchen appliances. I want a bread machine and a panini grill and more pots and pans and little ramekins and prep bowls and a mixer and cookie sheets and storage solutions and a spice rack and....well I could go on forever. My Kitchen part of my Amazon wish list is about 13 pages. It's hard to justify these things beyond the happiness they would bring me. I don't really eat out much, so it's not a huge cost saver. Many would cost me more time because they involve lengthier cooking times. The ingredients I would buy to experiment with these fancy devices would drive my grocery bill up tremendously.

But where do you factor happiness? These things would make me happier. Brighten my day and get me through my hellish job. If I can afford these things I should just go for it. But I feel like my life is being overwhelmed with stuff. I don't want to have to move to a 2 bedroom to fit all the crap I buy to keep me happy.

This partially spurned by an argument I had with an internet friend. Constantly she complains she is dirt broke. Like, cannot pay the rent or feed the cat dirt broke. She is getting evicted for not paying rent this month. Yet every day for months she writes about "treating" herself to Subway, McDonalds, books, movies, iTunes downloads, new clothes, comic books, an mp3 player and more. She says she does it keep herself happy and will go crazy without these little treats. A few months ago, I could semi understand. She has known about the eviction since not paying June's rent and has continued this. How about cutting back? How about spending the $5 for Subway on securing a place to live? She will be homeless in two weeks and still today she was posting about going to see a new movie. My head exploded from WTF. I understand one needs to treat themselves once in awhile if you have a shitty job, this is why I have Iced Mocha Friday's. Every Friday if I have not been late or absent from work I get a grande Iced Mocha as a "reward" for staying the course and going to work. If I am strapped for cash, I skip it. She seems to have something like this every day and doesn't skip it at all. I think my fear of buying myself all these things is that once I start treating myself left and right with video games and fancy appliances I will end up like her.


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