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Nothing much to report here. Work has been work. One girl quit and our stats dropped and we got scolded big time. I try very hard to be a positive and helpful force for the team. I help the newbies, help fight the scoldings for the people who've been there, and am always trying to correct policies to make things better for us and for the customers. Even so I feel like things are fading and changing and people are depressed.

Fandom-wise I've been a mess over Doctor Who. Series 5 ended too soon!!!

I watched Eclipse. Whoa train wreck. And Dakota had such a small part.

I'm enjoying the little things in life. Sunshine, fresh laundry, kitties washing their paws, fresh fruit and veggies, cheap clearance t-shirts, and warm comfy beds.

Shopping trip to the outlets with Sarah tomorrow! I'm excited for the Gap outlet. Maybe I will find cheap jeans or a skirt. It's been very cold in Oregon for July. I am still able to wear my cableknit sweaters in the morning.


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