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That's the way it is
karen gillen by satinpetticoats
Today's Idiot Customer Award goes to an obnoxious woman who told me I was a Communist because I told her I would not credit back her cash advance fee because she had six credits in the past four months.

Most people just threaten to close their account and implode when I go "Okay. Have a great day!" because apparently that is the sign I am supposed to grovel.

Kudos to the customer who said "Sorry. That was kinda rude, wasn't it?" after I snorted and barely contained giggles when he said he pays my salary. Nice older guy who wanted his $50,000 check all available immediately. Um, Hello Federal Regulations, Bank Policy, and Common Sense.

I am really trying to make the best of this job. I *do* enjoy it sometimes. I love helping people. I love learning the ins and outs of the financial world. I love my coworkers and the parties we have. I love the pay, bonuses, time off policy, and benefits.

But the sales goals and abusive customers can wear on a person. Sometimes the nice time off policy does not work in your favor. My boss is a jackass. Half the time when you voice a complaint you are met with "Well that's the way it is" or "That's part of the job". There is no room for bad days or personal time or anything but constantly being your best and having good sales.

I'm currently working on my resume, trying to get together a budget and stick to it, and biding my time. Many things are changing next year. Bonuses will be less frequent, paid time off is restricted to one day a month, sales goals are going up. I figure if I can quietly ride out the rest of this year, set some money aside and try to settle down I may be able to get something new next year. Another department, another workplace, an entirely different field if I find something I enjoy. Something needs to change and I intend to do my best to ride these changes and make them work for me. Everyone is always saying they are floored by my hard work, dedication, and willing to go above and beyond to get something done if I am passionate about it. I think that since the company/department is beginning to only see me for my sales goals, it's time to move on.


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